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Dear first (and second, and third?) year teachers,

This is the best advice ever. And it is far more eloquent than what I repeat to my new colleagues each year, which is “You can only do the best you can do right now.”

Print this out. Put it by your desk. And give yourself a break.

I don’t think there’s anyone to whom that does not apply. 

I needed this.

It seems like the theme of the week with clients (I work with early-adults, i.e. 20 year olds) is that when ya goof or have goofed, how were ya gonna know any better? We work our way forward and we gotta find a way to forgive ourselves so that when we goof again, we don’t goof up in the same way.

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That’s how all women should feel about their body.

This is how everyone should feel about their body

I understand your point, but almost all men already do feel this way about their bodies and hardly any women do



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